Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 2017

Our JJ has made it through another flu season. Much less severe episodes compared to last year with no hospitalizations.

Jaylen had a specialist check up on May 4th.  No new tests needed other than a pancreas function test. The sample was taken and tested that day when we came back to IL.

We got the results this week and it showed that his pancreas function went UP! His slight to moderate pancreas insufficiency actually came back up to NORMAL function! Don't know how or why and we may never know. All we know is that his previous declining numbers are up to 423.5 u/g. To us it is amazing news! The calls have been made to the specialist for some sort of explanation, but regardless it's a miracle and sigh of relief for now.

Amazing kid- Amazing results

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 2016

Genetics didn't find anything new thus far. March appointment with that doc. To do what? Who knows. We just purchased his second month of Antox. Has not had an excruciating attack since September which gives some sigh of relief.

New elastase test again came back a bit on the disappointing side. Jan 2015: 222.2 ug, Oct 2016: 177.7 ug, Dec 2016: 165 ug. Numbers are declining which is not a good thing. Still in the slight to moderate exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Attached is a website that explains a little more on this new obstacle. (Copy and paste to your browser).

When he has problems with bowels, more pain after meals, or weight loss, we know it will be time for enzyme replacement pills with every meal.

Not really sure what I expected. Going to keep this at a minimum for sharing thoughts and feelings just to avoid saying anything that may offend or disappoint readers.


JJ doesn't let this engulf and take over his life so I'm going to try to do the same.

Love you more than anything Jaylen....

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Updates October 2016

The month of September and October were eventful thus far.  Jaylen missed six days of school total in the month of September.  Luckily, I have a job that allows me to drop everything and look after our little buddy.  He had two pretty bad episodes that lasted around three days each.  The second episode was followed by a full 24 hours of fever and red spots on tonsils. We closed out the month of September with a 6 month check up with the specialist in Milwaukee, WI, Dr. Werlin.  The doctor ran some blood work, ordered an MRCP, and an elastase test for pancreatic function on the 29th.  The only thing new that was brought up was a trial run of Antox, a high dose of antioxidant vitamin blend to try to prevent frequency of attacks.  There is no evidence of Antox working for sure, but we have since purchased a supply from a European pharmacy because it is unavailable in the US. JJ will need to be on Antox for 3-4 months before determining if it helps at all. JJ left 3 vials of blood for tests to be done. Not even a flinch any more with blood draws-tough guy! Closed out our Milwaukee trip with a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings :)

Elastase test was dropped off on October 3rd with Rockford Health Systems. It is always fun handing a nurse urine and/or stool in this case.  Flu shots were done October 7th with normal pediatrician. Love- love- love our Dr. Davis! A few vials of blood were left with a new genetic doctor at Rockford Health Systems also on October 7th. Genetic tests are super hard to clear with insurance by the way. Most insurance companies do not find them reasonable or medically sound?? Whatever.  Some how the new doctor got insurance to pay something and we are on the road to figuring out if our other two children have the SPINK1 genetic mutations, depletions, or duplications. MRCP was completed on October 10th in New Berlin, WI. Jaylen does great laying super still in that machine. Man he is a trooper with all these pokes and prods!

Here's an FYI...  Our pediatrician in Rockford, IL informed me that Jaylen is his very first case of pediatric acute recurrent pancreatitis in 29 years of being a doctor.  This to me points out that he is a VERY special little boy-even more special than we had imagined!

All these tests yielded some results. The elastase test, which is a test to measure the pancreatic function, came back a bit disappointing.  Not going to lie, it is hard to accept or wrap my brain around.  From his last test done in January 2015, his pancreatic function went from "Normal" to "Moderate to Slight Pancreatic Insufficiency." The acute attacks on his pancreas have depleted some of the ability to do it's normal exocrine job. The MRCP showed minimal edema (swelling) of the pancreas and dilation of the pancreatic duct, both pretty normal in pancreatitis patients.  His last attack that we are aware of was on September 17th so that could have been left over from that attack.  That is the doc's hypothesis. Specialist does however, want to make sure that this edema and dilation are not due to chronic pancreatitis. Definition of chronic pancreatitis--irreversible changes that cause potential pain and/or permanent loss of function in pancreas. This means another test in November. This test will also determine if JJ will have to be put on digestive enzyme replacements to be taken at every meal.

In the meantime I suppose.... let's all be happy about these MRCP results:
Spleen-NORMAL, Lower Thorax-NORMAL, Ureters-NORMAL, Adrenal Glands-NORMAL, Kidneys-NORMAL, Bowel-NORMAL, Peritoneal Cavity-No Free Fluid, Vasculature-NORMAL, Lymph Nodes-NORMAL, Abdominal Wall-NORMAL, Bony Structures-NORMAL, Gallbladder-NORMAL, Liver-NORMAL

11 year old boy-NORMAL

Stupid Pancreas-why do you have to be so ABNORMAL?!?!

As always, pray for our JJ.

I Love You #1 more than anything! Mom


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The struggle is REAL

I remember once I prayed for the return of a boyfriend when we broke up.  I remember once praying for a zit to disappear, or for my lost money to reappear, or for an awesome Birthday gift. What things do you pray about??  Maybe it is for a new car, a nicer teacher, for new furniture, possibly to beat the Chiefs, your kid to shoot hoops better, for coach to play your kid more, to be more beautiful/handsome...

Man do those seem so insignificant at this point!

It is extremely hard to go through this life and not show my resentment for MYSELF and others that take life and the blessings that we all have for granted. Have I always been this selfish?? Have WE always been this selfish??

See the suffer: the significant pain of others especially the children's pain. Remind yourself day in day out. Then that's what you can pray for Nancy.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Hello you nasty little pancreas.

  • Cheese/Pizza
  • Certain Red Sauces
  • Viruses
  • Over Exertion/Lack Of Sleep
A big Thank You to the latest addition to the list of "Things that will set off JJ's pancreatitis." Saddened and confused as to how to restrict certain things in JJ's life.

Our fun get away in the beginning of July plus an extra sleepover plus late night baseball games equals a small (couple day) episode. Starting night football practices plus an extra sleepover equals a small episode currently. Heart breaking to know that he may have been embarrassed to walk off the practice field tonight in pain. The love that this kid has for football is amazing. So tell me, how are we as parents supposed to restrict things that make our kid a kid, or restrict things that make him smile? Not just that little side grin-- that huge, show my teeth, I'm so proud, look at me mom and dad, smile. Sigh.

Do not let it define him as a person. Jaylen is not acute recurrent pancreatitis. Pray for relief. Pray for healing. Pray for parents to do the right thing when it seems as if there is no right thing to do.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Admitted again. Sigh.

Admitted over night for pancreatitis. Pain was too bad to control at home. JJ was "ok" Sunday and tried school Monday, but pain over took his body by Monday night. ER was awful again and I'm disappointed that a child with recurrent pain/inflammation doesn't have a way to skip through the ER registration and waiting room. I will be working (again) on that when things have settled down. He's looking much better this morning. Pain scale from 10 (when we drove to hosp) down to 2 now (tues morn).

Why does he have to suffer? I despise you pancreas- it's too bad his body needs you. Away with you pain...

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pain pain go away. Come again NEVER!

I complain way too much about racing around running this child here, that child there! I would give my arm/leg/better yet my own pancreas to be running our JJ to and from today. His pancreas pain comes in waves. Anywhere from pain scale 3 to 7. I have attached a short YouTube video explaining acute pancreatitis for education purposes ;)  Pray for relief for him today and every day. Hug your babies, show them the love you say you have...